About Us

How the Covid 19 Pandemic gave birth to a business-helping idea… 

As our nation shut down to protect us against the encroaching Coronavirus, my company Creature Concierge, like many others, (www.creatureconcierge.com) began to suffer. We were down 86% in March. By the end of April, I was tapping into my personal savings and praying for a miracle. PPP funds were dwindling or going to large corporations and I could hear the death toll for thousands of little companies across America. 

I wrote President Trump: There are over 30 million small businesses in America trying to hang on. You’ve put us in a Medically Induced Economic Coma. WAKE US UP!

Our president and other leaders got the message. As May approached, Governor Abbott of Texas announced a tiered approach to start opening businesses. That’s when I had an epiphany. It doesn’t matter if our leaders say we can go back to work if we don’t have access to the Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) to work safely. 

Due to my store and supplier network at Creature Concierge I had access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs). These included masks, sanitizer, thermometers, gloves and so on. I purchased extras at my lower cost to re-sell in small quantities to business owners, entrepreneurs and busy professionals so they could go back to work. The response was awesome. So, I asked my website team to build a quick shopping website.